Sr. IT Club
The strength of SSCCS lies in bringing its ability to deliver study programs that understand the need of students in the Indian context while at the same time keeping a global relevance. Apart from the rigor of classroom academics, Gurukul IT Club generates a spectrum of additional components that include Training Programs, Exchange Programs, Industrial Visits, Expert Lectures, Seminar, Workshop, Project Guidance etc... Tapping into the years of experience and accumulated knowledge base, the leadership of Gurukul IT Club has evolved a model that has character of its own and is designed to add an extra dimension to the student's personality and give them the competitive edge.
Session No.
Topic Name
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Inauguration by Mr. Sunilbhai Dwivedi and Mr. Kilonbhai Mehta

Session - 1 Digital Marketing Mr. Kilonbhai Mehta
Session - 2 Unity 3D and Current Development Technology Mr.Vivek Patel
Session - 3 Information Security Mr. Harsh Raval
Session - 4 Knowledge of IT Industry Mr. Hardik Vaghela
Session - 5 Hum Honge Kamiyab Mr. Urvish Mulani
Session - 6 3 - D Printing Technology Mr. Yogesh Gandhi and Mr. Sanjay Khanna
Session - 7 Augmented Reality Mr. Kiran Trivedi
Session - 8 First Step to Overseas Studies - IELTS Mr. Rajoo Andharia
Session - 9 Internet of Things Mr. Shardul Agravat
Session - 10 Content Management System Mr. Nitin Chauhan
Session - 11 Current Market Trend in I.T. Industry Mr. Milan Mehta
Session - 12 Campus to Corporate Mr. Vishal Doshi

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