Project Development Workshop: For the development of students in various fields such as jobs for system analyst, database administrator, programmer, system tester, quality assurance executive, search engine optimizer, graphics designer, animator, call centre executive etc , Project Development Workshop was conducted. It contained lots of points such as analysis, design, programming, testing and evolution.
Personality Development Workshop: For the augmentation of self esteem of our students Personality Development Workshops were conducted. Every situations are not going to be favourable for a person. A person has to make the situation favourable or take favour from the situation whether it is favourable or unfavourable. Everyone should always believe that the things are favourable or positive. One must not escape from the difficult situations but face them bravely as the best way out of difficulty is through it. For the motivation, energy and to develop positive attitude Personality Development Workshops were conducted. This Workshop organized on 11th September 2016

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